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black pine / Frankenstein Bonsai Ponderosa

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Good. I’m not sure what to call Black Pines grafted on Ponderosa securities. Frankensteins? Frankies? Feel free to suggest …

When I started graft Black Ponderosa pine in, I was sure if they could decandle the same as Black pine on their own roots. Before going to Japan to study I grafted a small tree (not this one) and now I decandled to 10 years in a row. So it is not the answer: It’s the same. The tree becomes a Black Pine, which has the same powerful energy.

This small knotty pine has been in the garden for a while, was collected by Randy Caballero in the Rocky Mountains (when he was a Ponderosa.) Several years ago, about four I think, I grafted two Black stems pine in the same. This year the potted tree for the first time, and then decandled few months later, as it was showing a lot of strength. Here are some pictures of pine this year:


Black / Ponderosa Frankie tree earlier this spring, to test this round pot for suitability …


… we liked the pot, so that in a class seasonal potted up.


pots over.


Now jump ahead three months … pine has long candles and ready to decandling.


All these photos are with students in class season (we used to call SeaStudents but do not have long for some reason.)


the small pile of needles at the bottom left of the needles are removed from this tree, before cutting the candles. (Be sure to leave more needles on a tree with this few branches, 3 or 5 pairs.)

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And now we’re leaping ahead again, about four weeks , brown heel in the center is where spring sail was cut, and the new shoots are coming out on the sides that will be fully punched by the fall, but with much shorter outbreaks.

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black pine / Frankenstein Bonsai Ponderosa

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