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One of the truly irascible pulls insect world (if you love trees, that is), redesign your bonsai borers without even asking permission. What’s worse, they will do it without even being aware that there is a significant change in progress, since all their nefarious nibbling is done under the cover of the crust.


borer larvae in your gallery under the bark, where it feeds on the phloem.

The most common is that flathead borers that cause problems for bonsai. The life cycle is, for most species, one generation per year. The eggs are laid in the spring. Borer larvae bite through the phloem of the tree in a sugar festival in ecstasy during the summer. After several branches around or maybe even the trunk, they will drill deep into the heartwood and not tightly pupa and read trashy novels until spring. Then they emerge transformed into the winged adult mature he is ready for the great epics and then, having learned nothing from the aesthetics, ethics, or propriety, move to lay eggs in your favorite bonsai. It is a sad cycle.


adult borer. There are over 150 species of borers, some much more colorful than this.

flathead borers attack deciduous and coniferous trees. We have one here in Oregon (Northwest USA) who will go after almost any conifer they can find. For the most part, if the tree is very strong, borers ignore it. stressed trees, weakened by the sun or drought, are the most commonly attacked trees. I lost a juniper weakened year from a drilling circling the trunk, but this summer lost the top of a relatively healthy fir, which got me thinking. Borers cause most ‘naturally created’ jin and shari pine and juniper collected.

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Flathead borer larvae that Bobby is on top of one of our mountain hemlocks.

Keep ridiculously strong bonsai it does not seem like the best method of prevention, as most of the techniques of bonsai maintenance are designed to slow the metabolism of the tree, which makes them more susceptible to attack borer. Maintaining healthy trees should certainly help, but prophylactic care could be justified in areas of high activity borer.

If borers are present where you live, you might consider a systemic as Safari. Befriending a woodpecker is another possibility, and although borer will have no problems, you still, unfortunately, have a tree full of holes.

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Beetle weevil, Bonsai –

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