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Part of the fun of visiting major exhibitions of bonsai is shopping in the vendor area. Sometimes there are hundreds of bright, new tools for sale. After taking a good look at each usually tell myself – or try to anyway – I have enough for now. And sometimes it works.

The reality is that rarely use more than a handful of tools when I’m working on my trees. (I’ll cover tools transplant in a future post.) My short list of essential bonsai tools including scissors, wire cutters, pliers, branch cutters and pliers.

Basic tools

Basic Tools bonsai

made for bonsai scissors are great for detail work and adapt perfectly to hand. I can not think of a workshop during which I could not reach my scissors.


Bonsai scissors

usually requires wiring bonsai wire cutters and pliers. Wire cutters come in a variety of sizes, some facts for large cables, other small cables. Pliers also come in a variety of styles. Almost anyone can work well for bonsai, including hardware variety.

Wire cutters

Wire cutters



Branch cutters come in many styles. In the photo below cutters, it gives me the most use of the third pair from the left.

Concave and other cutters

cutters Branch

Cutter profiles

Different styles of cutters branch

tweezers are a must to work with black or red pine. I use tweezers to other varieties too, but not as often as I do for the pines.



You may have noticed the blue stripes on my tools. Anyone who has lost a tool in a workshop knows why. The easier it is to identify your tools, the easier it is to keep track of them.

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Electrical tape

Electrical tape – simple identification system tool

I find it difficult to write about bonsai tools not to mention small brooms and sticks. Chopsticks are the most versatile tools I carry with me. Small brooms are fun and help a lot during the transplanting season.

Little brooms

Small brooms

Chop sticks


Although I have a good selection of tools bonsai, I’m not a very good tool strawberry. Scissors must be sharp, it is not expensive; – Pliers effective, it is not pretty. And if I’m not sure I need a new tool, do not hesitate to do some research before buying. I talk with teachers, suppliers and friends who have used the tools. I wonder about sizes and styles and brands and any other criteria about which I’m not sure. I can see what is available, and occasionally my budget, and then make the purchase. I also try to keep the following in mind – the less I spend on tools, the more I can spend on trees

There are plenty of other tools that could have mentioned chisels to graft cutters knives leaves – are there other people find to be “essential”

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Basic tools Bonsai

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