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Balance the force of black pine

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The term decandling to create a lot of attention. Rightly – it is a key technique in the development of black and red pine bonsai. It is the technique that helped me get here:

June 2013

to here:

June 2016

in three years.

By itself, however, the technique is quite limited. Trim and pull the needle are equally important for the development of pine, although these phrases leave less to the imagination. We know how to cut and know how – and often wish to avoid -. Needle pulling

Without removing selected branches and thinning of needles, leaves us with only decandling trees full impossibly.

June 2016 – after decandling

I say impossibly complete because while it is clearly possible to make a tree of this aspect, it would be impossible to maintain this shape and density decandling offices alone.

seems decandling – simply removing spring growth – that is fun and easy. The various approaches and techniques require some practice for optimum results, but the cut portion is simple.

seems cut and meeting-pulling needle . Knowing that the interior buds are getting the right light it feels good. Knowing that I have done my part to balance the tree vigor also feels good. I am free to connect the tree at this time, or just put it back on the bench for the coming months. But more on-traction of the needle next time.

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Balance the force of black pine

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