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Azalea Bonsai Tree – Care and Cultivation

Azalea Bonsai Tree Care

Environment: During the growing season, the azaleas need protection (shade) during the hottest hours of the day (10:00 to 16:00). Support the wind well, being only necessary to water them more often. A high humidity is quite convenient. It can be a beautiful bonsai indoor, since it does not come in dark and enclosed spaces.

Features: It is a dense shrub, reaching up to 1.50 m tall, with evergreen and semi-evergreen, dark green. The flowers are relatively large and have various colorations, Grows slowly and regularly. Due to innumerable amount of varieties and hybrids, it becomes difficult to correct denomination of the different species. For bonsai, we should avoid varieties with very large flowers, which are more sensitive than the varieties with single flowers and small they are more proportionate, but this is not a rule, just an advice.

Fertilization: some concentrated in spring and autumn organic fertilizer. Do not fertilize during flowering. Azaleas tree like very rich in phosphorus fertilizers. Ex.: NPK 4-12-4. A fertilizer rich in phosphorous is bone meal.

Watering: The roots dry out quickly, and this is fatal to the plant. Baste frequently throughout the year, except during frost and never let the soil soggy.

Pruning: The shoots should be pruned throughout the growing season until late summer when the flower buds begin to appear. The azaleas have an amazing ability to regenerate. Always try to make a very dense pruning the branches, thus improving aeration of the plant, and also allowing the sun to reach the inner parts thereof. The azalea is one of the few plants that have stronger growth in lower limbs, and then shall pruned more frequently.

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Solo: The azaleas are acid soil plants, demanding iron. The soil should contain enough organic matter (dust fern, pine zest, tanned etc organic matter.) It is good to remember that all organic matter must be weathered for at least six months, since the toxic gases that form in 6/1 months are detrimental to the plant. After tanned should be dried in the sun for a few days. To compose the substrate can be employed the following combination: good soil 30% + 40% + 30% organic matter coarse sand or gravel (to facilitate drainage).

Cleaning: Remove excess flower buds and after flowering, remove the faded flowers, and all sprouts from the trunk. Always keep the ground clean.

Transplantation: Every two years, in the case of younger specimens every year (always after flowering). Cut 1/3 of the roots. After the transplant, wait at least three weeks to prune.

Trellising: From spring to fall, without restrictions.


  • The branches of azalea break down easily, so to harden them before trellising, it is advisable not to water it the day before;
  • Avoid wetting the flowers to remain beautiful;
  • The azaleas are not usually grown in shallow pots;
  • Once every six months is good as well bury a small piece of steel wool in some corner of the vase. To decompose will release the iron, a major element in the azalea.
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Azalea Bonsai Tree – Care and Cultivation

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