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Assumptions are pretty rotten things everywhere. When I suggested to several students and clients using ZeroTol to control bacteria or fungi, they thought they were going to do it the way I did: measures fluid ounce pilfered from the kitchen for years, long rubber gloves that went almost to the armpits, a practical knapsack sprayer, and poetry muttering that he had forgotten half under his breath as the spray wand shaken around like a charm. Skip any of these actions and could never guarantee success.

About the ZeroTol product, however, I must admit being completely unaware that there was a spray available that connects to the hose and does a horrible job background. Indeed ZeroTol sprayer is one of the only ways to avoid buying 2 ½ gallons of matter, and of course, several of which I was advising bought the sprayer. But the spray may offer a poor and inaccurate concentration such that a person reported burning moss with him (which should never happen with adequate mixing). ZeroTol is seriously caustic at high concentrations. A friend a jar that was left uncapped and found the remains of a mouse dissolved in it. Many dockable sprayers need some water pressure hose to get the right combination, which should make you nervous. There are a number of variables that you have no control over and get a good mix is ​​just an assumption and a hope. Naturally, I was horrified that, without knowing it, I had led some people to use this attachment.

Although this example is a single product, which should be a warning to anyone at once using the spray hose:

  • When using chemicals, take seriously. And atomizers Cheap hose are not adapted for the bass.
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Better skip this sprayer hose

put in place to use appropriate chemicals. You want to be in control of all the variables. Use a pump spray one or two gallons for a small collection, or knapsack sprayer for a collection of modest size. Instead of stealing the measures fluid ounces and measures teaspoon of your kitchen, buy a second set. Add your measured chemistry. Drag up to the water hose carefully and add to its line of pump sprayer for gals is being calculated for. Mix well and apply high pressure, do not let spat around after a few quick pumps. Want very fine mist, so that the pump well. You can forget poetry.


knapsack sprayer, a better choice


  • Avoid spray hose adapter for products chemical biological control. Bad idea. The mixture can be profoundly inaccurate.

(A note about the application: There are two broad categories of chemicals used for plants, contact and systemic If you use a chemical contact be sure you’ve impregnate completely entire surface of the foliage. tree. This means that you are getting the spray nozzle into the holes in the pads of foliage, spraying up under the pads and making all drip. If you leave a few leaves or needles without wetting, they’re wasting time. a systemic is very different because it is translocated within the plant and usually has a long-term protection. you can put on the floor for their foliage, but can also be brought by the roots. So that means to spray the entire tree, and possibly a potion with a watering can. So your tools might be different in the application of different chemical substances. Read the labels and do what they say. )

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Avoid this spray!

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