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Aug 16, The Exotic Bonsai Carissa has small leaves, flowers and fruits

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Carissa bonsai trees are created from Carissa grandiflora macrocarpa and its many variants. All of them are suitable for bonsai.

The plant itself is easy to grow and fruit, fragrant flowers and small leaves are definitely a plus.

macrocarpa Carissa grandiflora has very large thorns.

The fruit is commonly used in jams and jellies.

Birds are also fond of it, and always steal possible.

When it became popular garden plant in California and Florida, soon many were introduced dwarf cultivars . (Not all cultivars produce fruit.)

Carissa - fruit, flower, thorns

About Carissa Bonsai
Common names

this bonsai is often referred to by the common name Natal plum.

so called because the plant is native to a province called Africa KwaZulu Natal .

(This common name is often mispronounced ‘Natal’, as at birth.)

Carissa boxwood is also a common name, although the plant is no Buxus gender.

Carissa as a Bonsai

Carissa bonsai, natal plum bonsai Created by Frank Okamura

This bonsai is in the collection Brooklyn Botanic Garden .

carissa bonsai, natal plum bonsai

Carissa left – Teh grown by Johnson in Miami – is only 8 inches tall and has very small leaves. When the flower blooms, however small, actually seems out of scale.

not been officially identified, it is likely that Carissa ‘delicate princess. “

8 inch carissa bonsai, natal plum

depth of his first was used container to help restore some weak roots.

a more recent picture of the same bonsai 8 inches (20.32 cm) shows the big difference that a new bonsai pot can do.

Carissa Care

carissa bonsai, natal plum bonsai

Natal plum is a tropical plant and its natural environment likes full sun.

If given enough light, you’ll do well indoors.

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they prefer to dry a little between waterings, so fast draining soil is a need.

the cascade bonsai is shown on the left, there seems to be Carissa grandiflora microcarpa.

Today is exhibited in the permanent University of Michigan Bonsai and Penjing Collection.

carissa bonsai, natal plum bonsai

you can see in the pictures on this page bonsai Natal plum are suitable for many different styles .

The precious right bonsai photo was sent to me Jefferey Richard Florida resident.

is a urban Yamadori .

Rick told me

“… I thought I’d share a Carissa a hedge that survived Hurricane Andrew’s house adjoined did not .”

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Aug 16, The Exotic Bonsai Carissa has small leaves, flowers and fruits

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