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Ever wonder what it feels like to work in bonsai every day In addition to weekends and evenings? In some of the best trees in the world? Now is your chance to find out.

Tomorrow afternoon, Daisaku Nomoto, a professional living bonsai in Miyazaki, Japan, will make every effort to answer your questions on any topic, bonsai related or not.

Black pine

Daisaku Nomoto in his nursery Kyushu, Nomoto Chinshoen

The best and worst things about working with trees every day? Tips for beginners? Whether or not the favorite pop star remains Adele? You get the idea. The AMA (Ask Me Anything) will take place online at Ask Bonsai Tonight. The rules are simple -. Send your questions here

For those unfamiliar with Nomoto and his work, Nomoto is Manakitivipart Boon senpai , or senior. The two apprentice with Kihachiro Kamiya in Kihachi-in Aichi prefecture, Japan. After completing his apprenticeship, Nomoto returned to Kyushu to work with his father in the family nursery, Nomoto Chinshoen.

Bent juniper of a student in a workshop

Nomoto skills are impressive, and his sense of humor makes it a pleasure to work with them. Nomoto I met on my first trip to Japan in 1999 and we have kept in touch through his numerous trips to the US and my visits to Japan. If you are interested in learning more, I have compiled links to a number of publications about him and his work. For a look at some of the trees in your nursery, see:

  • Nomoto Chinshoen
  • junipers and maples in Chinshoen
  • Chojubai and white pine Chinshoen
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to view some of the work he has done in the US .:

  • Daisaku Nomoto – bonsai work

some of his ideas about style:

  • Seeing a Shimpaku
  • juniper

  • Daisaku Nomoto bonsai criticism
  • Daisaku Nomoto bonsai prize

look at one their workshops:

  • workshop Hinoki

first impressions:

  • Large cuts

and notes of one of my favorite conversations with Daisaku:

  • moss unwanted, or the paradox of Nomoto

Future location of first branch
indicating the future position branch

the fun starts tomorrow – Post your questions now


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Ask Nomoto nothing Daisaku

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