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presentations is now open

Shew best, the boldest, the most inspiring its most beautiful trees.

With this, the artisans Cup opened presentations to the general public. For those who have not heard about the event, is a juried exhibition of bonsai to be held at the Portland Art Museum, 25-27 September 2015.

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the event comes through the efforts of Ryan Neil. The objective? “To enter the bonsai of a typically American way” at an event “featuring trees representing the finest levels of craftsmanship and art” (quotes Some details:

The exhibition is open to submissions of every skill level bonsai practitioner and is open to any kind of tree. presentations of trees will be considered and selected for display by a professional jury. Once on the screen, the trees presented in the exhibition will be judged by five respected and competent United States and abroad bonsai professionals. Three trees will be selected by judges for top prizes :. First prize ($ 10,000), second prize ($ 5,000), the third prize ($ 3,000)

you saw that right – cash prizes for outstanding bonsai. What are the judges? Some of the biggest names among professionals in Western bonsai:

  • David De Groot
  • Colin Lewis
  • Boon Manakitivipart
  • Walter Pall
  • Peter Warren

How I can get? Following the submission guidelines Cup.

Cup Artisans are also looking for sponsors, volunteers and suppliers. If you are interested in attending, there is no information about that too.

How I can get my tree to the exhibition? The craft is coordinating Cup drivers around the country to provide trees and from the event for a fee. The trucks are scheduled to leave New York City, Atlanta and Los Angeles -. Details will be coordinated after trees accepted records are finalized

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California residents may have questions about phytosanitary certificates. To address some of the basic questions, which just published Bob Shimon information in a thread Ask Bonsai tonight.

Presentations tree display will be accepted until June 1 – to start working on your application now


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