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Artisans Cup Bonsai Exhibition Portland

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Reservation date – on 4-6 October 2013, Michael Hagedorn and Ryan Neil held the first craftsmen Portland Cup Show bonsai, the most exciting event on the horizon bonsai 2013. Here are some of the salient details:

  • the event will be held at the Portland Art Museum – a house fantastic for the event that promises to raise the appreciation of bonsai far beyond the relatively bonsai parish community
  • 150 bonsai will be displayed in the exhibition
  • Communication is open to anyone – fans and professionals are invited to exhibit trees
  • there are no restrictions on who can work – or worked – in trees in the exhibition

Knowing the amount of effort required for stage relatively small exhibitions of bonsai, I can not imagine how much time Michael and Ryan are investing to ensure the success of this ambitious event.

Artisans Cup

Bonsai in the museum (pictured artisans website Copa)

One of his greatest achievements has been the exchange of information about everything – and everyone – it is cooperating in the event. They have created a website that answers all the basic questions, a blog that used to customize each taxpayer and an active Facebook page with additional details and up to the latest news.

The exhibition promises some copies in circulation as significant cash prizes will be awarded to winning trees -. $ 10,000 for first prize, $ 5,000 for second prize, $ 3,000 for third prize, and $ 500 for the best companion plant

What is required for entry? Four photographs (one shot on each side), a brief description of the tree and its container, and relevant contact information.

  • Proposals will be accepted May 1 to July 1, 2013 – see instruction data presentation
  • Ryan and Michael the best 150 presentations two months are selected before exposure – meanwhile will show some of their own trees, these trees will not be eligible for prizes
  • the fee to exhibit selected by the jury trees will be $ 120 per screen – either a large tree, plant company, two medium company plant trees, or any variety of bonsai and plants shohin company; forefront screens
  • are also considered

  • Five judges – David De Groot, Colin Lewis, Boon Manakitivipart, Peter Warren, Walter Pall – selected the winners trees; judges may have trees to the exhibition will be eligible to judge, however special precautions will be in place to ensure fair vote
  • Applications bonsai deciduous should include photographs of the trees in winter what trees can be Juried leafless

for those who want to participate but do not live near Portland, Ryan and Michael are organizing transportation from New York, Nashville and Los Angeles to lead trees and from the event. The permissions required on the road will be obtained by drivers to ensure smooth traffic.

Visitors to the event will not only be treated to an exceptional exhibition, but an impressive collection of bonsai sellers. Ryan and Michael are the target of raising bonsai in the United States and are doing everything possible to support our local artisans. USA made pots and stands will be available as well as a variety of other goods related to bonsai.

Even those who can not attend can enjoy the exhibition through photographs. Bonsai Focus will be shooting the series and production of a book, and judges comments will be posted online for educational purposes.

Event sponsors are welcome, and there is still opportunity to offer support. Expect a Kickstarter campaign later this fall.

Although I am not affiliated with the event, I’m an old friend of Michael, and a big fan of Ryan and Michael both work. I’m excited to attend the exhibition and have been pacing around my garden in recent times in search of suitable presentations. Although the event is a year away, I would like to thank Ryan and Michael for their work to date on the project and offer what encouragement you can. Thanks to both of you! – I’m looking forward to it

Ryan Neil

Ryan Neil (photo blog Artisans Cup)

Michael Hagedorn

Michael Hagedorn

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Artisans Cup Bonsai Exhibition Portland

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