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The Portland Japanese Garden is organizing an exhibition of bonsai featuring the work of Neil Ryan from May 21 to 19 of June. Eric Schrader and I were in town during the first day, so we stopped for a visit.

The exhibition, American Bonsai. The unbridled art of Ryan Neil has two periods of five trees each on a outdoor stage behind Pavilion Garden Gallery

The garden provides a great backdrop for display as mixed naturally in the background trees.

Ponderosa pine against the background of pine

vine maple against the background of maple

Although it may seem trees mingle much with the background, this was far from being the case, since each tree was framed by structures inspired origami designed and built by Ryan Neil.

display stand framing a western red cedar

The wooden structures and metal offer visitors 360 degree views of bonsai in screen, keeping the trees out of reach.

secuoya red

stand base display

Signaling for the exhibition coincided with the screen is fine.

About the artist

Description of the species and the distribution map of Ponderosa Pine


Species [screen

the exhibition also includes one of the most remarkable trees Neil -. Juniper Rocky Mountain deadwood, with

Juniper Rocky Mountain

From the left side

detail Deadwood

The exhibition, though small, I found it impressive for several reasons. The trees were good. The design and size of the display tables made me feel like I was in an art exhibition and deserved attention to be paid to trees inside. And the catalog of wooden panels and laser-etched exposure provided context and gave the event a professional touch. It was great to visit an exhibition that clearly conveys the idea that the bonsai is an artistic effort to be taken seriously.

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I also appreciated the helpful staff were on hand to ensure trees and answer questions from visitors – thanks Tony! – Who helped the accessible exposure and add an interactive element for the event

Tony Cardoza. – Mirai Director Garden

For more pictures of the exhibition and a video interview with Ryan, see Eric’s post in Phutu, ” ‘rampant’ Show @pdxjapanesegdn Ryan Neil.”

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