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April 19, boxwood Bonsai are created in many varieties

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bonsai boxwood trees are created from the great Buxus genus of evergreen leaf wide.

When we hear the words “evergreen” We often think of conifers as pines and junipers.

Buxus are broad evergreen leaves and shrubs include European, Chinese and Korean boxwood. (In Europe they are known as “box”.)

The small leaves and trunks of hardwood make it particularly popular among beginners bonsai.

As you can see on this page, the more experienced artists also respect this species.

The harlandii Buxus

boxwood bonsai bark close-up

Many different Buxus varieties have been used to create bonsai over the years.

The Buxus harlandii is just one favorite.

It is especially known for the stunning deep cracks of the bark, which add to the appearance of age.

They are not as readily available as other varieties. When it finds one, it will be recognized immediately.

Boxwood Bonsai by Yugi Yoshimura Yugi Yoshimura Boxwood Bonsai In National Collection D.C

This photo of Yugi Yoshimura working on a Buxus harlandii show was taken in 1973.

the same tree today (shown above) is located at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC

Boxwood Bonsai Boxwood bonsai, Buxus harlandii

Two of One – The B. harlandii cascade shown here is a layer air from bonsai shown on the right.

Both were created by Ned Lycett in California.

Boxwood bonsai, Buxus harlandii Buxus harlandii

Pavel Slovák posted this photo of your bonsai friend boxwood Mirel Skrabal on the site Internet Bonsai Club.

At the site, there are several other photos of this great bonsai tree boxwood worth seeing.

boxwood “Kingsville”

boxwood bonsai, Kingsville boxwood bonsai Kingsville boxwood by Rodney and Charlie Clemons

As with so many plants the names of pictures may be confused. Is it a common name? Or is it the scientific name? Rodney Clemons is known for its boxwood “Kingsville”. I asked for the name.

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“Kingsville is called Buxus microphlla var.” Kingsville “However, this is where the problems begin …. many plantsmen (including Henry Hohman) call this Buxus Microphllia var. Compact .

“Henry Hohman Kingsville Nursey in Maryland introduced” compact “to the nursery industry in the 1900s I would go with” compact “and let ‘kingsville’ is considered as part of the common name “

-. Rodney Clemons

boxwood bonsai

to add to the confusion, there are several types of appearance Similarly, as the “dwarf Morris.”

All these varieties of small leaves make buenatemas, and are decorated in a very similar!

the bark is usually mild and often color almost white.

boxwood Bonsai Basics

This plant is easy to care for, however the roots tend to be very dense and need frequent watering. Traditional pruning bonsai trees is perfect for boxwood, because they need thinning even hedges as common.

John Geanangel has published an easy to understand

boxwood pruning video on You Tube.

One of the comments of John is especially important. By cutting cut the stems , not the leaves. Although “pruning coverage” will make its fullest bonsai, doing it correctly will make it a treasure.

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April 19, boxwood Bonsai are created in many varieties

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