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Apprentice Jorge Trak –

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Fortunately Jorge speaks perfect English, and my Spanish is limited to “Yes” and “No” (the second of which is probably the most important word for apprentices). Jorge Trak came from Mexico, although it is originally from Venezuela. He spent 10 days in Portland as an apprentice short term, and will be back to continue his work.

Jorge from the day as apprentices always do, with a broom and dustpan …

Again , with a broom in his hand … Although Jorge came to my backyard with only a modest background in bonsai, his work ethic was second to none. When asked to do something, he did 25% more.

At the beginning of their working time Jorge began preparing and wiring this juniper, which took most of the visit. This particular tree has been a rite of passage for many students. We took off and redid a lot of wire when it was along-

begin installing the western juniper …

And on another day, with the wiring juniper …

Working balance maple near the end of his visit. Thanks George, I’m looking forward to your return!

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Apprentice Jorge Trak –

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