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Apprentice Jorge Trak and Trident –

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keep this short photo essay on words and long on images: Jorge Trak transplantation techniques studied in February. We covered a lot more trees than I show here, but this Trident was one of the best documented of those who did photography …


Jorge beginning to discover the main roots of the maple trident that had been growing with great abandon in my backyard for two years. There was a “leader 9 on it. layers of earth had been 2 years ago best nebari.


The roots had grown through the flat and straight Anderson through fabric weed barrier. took Jorge 10 minutes to cut enough of them so he could pick it up from the floor. Look at the top edge of the flat, which withdrew the power of the root system.


When we discover the roots near the trunk we discovered a nebari almost 10 “fused. It was about half that two years ago.


Excluding the root system of age with a saw. I do not use many power tools, but this would have taken more than an hour I think using a handsaw.


After washing and trimming, and some thread graft seedling roots on the left side, which are straw colored. (Cleaning is only necessary when labor-intensive root is done, and usually only in small deciduous trees like this.)


Light colors, roots more long they are seedlings were grafted.


New home for the trident.


Sphagnum Metiendo roots near the base.


Nice green triangles so you do not bang up our newly grafted seedlings.


We also looked at this Japanese maple air layered it when I returned from Japan, about six years ago.

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Nebari on-air Japanese maple in layers. We did approximately the same with this as the Trident, except that no thread grafts needed. You have to love conditioners layers! And earth-layers. Anyway, I thought I’d share these saplings with you-

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Apprentice Jorge Trak and Trident –

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