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aphid pests – root furtive and adelgid

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With some pests, no matter how close the foliage is observed, there are no signs of active infestation come to light. Slide the same tree from its pot and it is another story.

Root adelgid

adelgid root in young roots of black pine

root aphid and adelgids are insects that feed mostly on the roots of their hosts. There are many species that feed exclusively on the roots of conifers. deciduous varieties also succumb to their own species adelgid root and aphids.

Treatment is not exactly the same as it is for their counterparts on the ground, because you can not always remove trees from their pots. And because the roots are sensitive, it is important to consider the phytotoxicity of pesticides.

As with other infestations, maintenance of healthy trees is the best prevention. I often find weed infestations in samples that dry quickly, but insects feed on roots can appear anywhere.

systemic pesticides can work well when necessary, but usually you can Scrape during transplant irrigation and watch carefully through winter. If the tree is healthy, it will often do the trick. additional stress caused by the radical work root or severe cutting and folding may delay recovery of a tree infestation, so I’m likely to have a clear focus when I see a lot of bugs and postpone the most stressful work when the tree it’s healthy.

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aphid pests – root furtive and adelgid

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