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Another essential for the health of the plant: water hardness

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Do you have a film of white buildup in their pots or leaves? growth pale, yellowish, and dull in bonsai? If so, you may have very hard water, which can be a limiting factor for plant health factor.


above 150 ppm (parts per million) of hardness (Ca + Mg), which reach beyond the area where container plants can be kept in good health condition. Eventually the roots of trees in container begin to be coated by the same minerals that cover the outer sides of the pots, usually calcium and magnesium limestone … which is essentially liquid. Imagine this: Covering our roots with rock. (That is less cold than it seems, really.)

Hard water is a common problem in arid areas of low rainfall, but can occur in many other places, too.

What is the problem then?

  • In extreme cases, very hard water may limit the ability of the roots to draw in water (a osmotic problem)
  • Even moderately hard water can pose limits to absorption nutrients (If fertilize with hard water, total salts combined ppm is usually very high, with concomitant nutritional deficiencies)

These are serious problems that limit the health and growth of bonsai. And although there are some semi-effective as washing your floor occasionally ideas, there are really only two effective solutions to this problem:

  • Collect and use rainwater for bonsai
  • Set up a RO system (RO)
  • No use a water softener, feeding sodium in water

the first is great if sufficient rain water is obtained. In some areas, even the rain could be suspect, but it is often better than what comes out of our pipelines or wells. collection reservoirs can be created, and then pumped or gravity fed irrigation hose. Years to install a rainwater tank fed by gravity when I lived in the mountains of Arizona, and I have very fond memories of him as my irrigation system more efficient and inexpensive.

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Reverse osmosis systems cost something set up, and also to run (they need electricity and water loss in performance), but they work very well. We get very high water quality of these units that can change almost magically health of bonsai in areas of very poor water quality, including a very acceptable pH. (Which is a double advantage because hard water is generally accompanied by high pH.)


testing pH and hardness in any reverse osmosis system to ensure that you are doing what you think you are doing. The water coming out of them should have a pH of 7 or slightly lower, with almost no dissolved salts. Because of this almost complete lack of minerals in both rainwater systems and RO, one need not be consistent with fertilization.

worth investigating what is coming out of our taps. suitable pH and water hardness are game changers in growing bonsai. Try this post on pH:

One essential for the health of the plant: Water pH

PS: Definitely educated in reverse osmosis systems if you decide to use, more need their filters changed regularly, with the most frequent change when the water is very hard. Definitely do not go for the low-end units. They do not provide very good water at all.

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Another essential for the health of the plant: water hardness

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