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And one more irrigation Council …

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… since we’re on the subject of irrigation earlier this month, why not go with it?

This is simple enough to relate. Sometimes, to water our bonsai gardens, we could notice a tree that is always dry. It seems that minutes after the water is, the damn thing needs water again.

This should trigger ringing alarm bells in our heads! Of noisy people, persistent unpleasant.

When a bonsai dries so fast, there is often a very simple reason. The interior of the soil mass is not saturating. Very old bonsai established sometimes have this problem. It can occur with almost any soil, but it is very common with Turface, Oil-Dri, and any soil containing peat moss. They all have problems when dry rehydration.


Clearly the result of mismanagement of irrigation

A combination of problems can cause the inner area to become bone dry:

  • choice of soil
  • program erratic irrigation
  • compacted soil inside
  • ‘veneer irrigation’ (irrigation with only one pass light that saturates completely)

of the subjects, erratic watering schedule and veneer irrigation are the worst. inconsistent watering pots may cause some to be too dry, then light irrigation just runs down the sides of the pan and the bottom after encountering very dry interior floor.

Once inside becomes completely dry, it can be difficult to rehydrate. The best way to restart hydration is soak the bottom up. In my yard, I could see a couple of trees a year they need a bath. After soaking, usually with more attention to water after the problem is fixed.

  • The reason this is such a serious problem is that, eventually, all internal roots will die, leaving only those along the sides of the pot and the bottom that actually are the worst places for a bonsai to grow roots.
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To restate and summarize, when a tree that seems to always looks dry, consider a soaking rehydration background. Usually this only happens with very established, old bonsai that has a mature root system. Most trees have hydration problems need an extra pass or three with the water hose not to revisit the “zone of dry death”, which would be a good title for a movie horror bonsai, now that I think about it. Probably somewhat limited audience.

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And one more irrigation Council …

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