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Analysis of the results of artisans Cup 2015

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Assigning scores to trees is one thing – the selection of a winner based on these results is another matter. With the publication of scores of judges Cup 2015 artisans, Chelsea Ryan and Neil shed light on a process that does not receive much notice as it deserves -. The process by which exhibited trees are recognized as winners

As is one of the first times that the numbers have been associated with bonsai in an event of such high-profile, scores have received much attention. Taken individually, they offer a vision of how the judges consider that the bonsai on the screen. Taken together, the results provide data that can help address issues relating to judge-in our own exhibits.

Scores have also raised many questions. How can tabulate the best results? How can you compare the results by the judges? What are the relationships between the different scores of judges? The judges had the greatest overall effect of the results?

One of the visitors to the artisans Cup bonsai enthusiast Dan Yamins, set out to answer these questions. Dan analyzed the scores and produced a report with its conclusions (see below).

I find it fascinating the report. a great job of describing the approach taken by the cup and makes a strong case is made for improvements. It also takes a close look at ‘scores and their relationships with other judges scores each of the judges.
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Figure 4 :. The distribution of scores of judges

Read the report now – here are the links:

  • Analysis of results Cup 2015 Artisans Dan Yamins
  • normalized scores: delimited (CSV, Excel)
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  • Analyzing the artisans Cup: development of methodologies to judge Bonsai of artisans Cup
  • The results are in! The official results of the craftsmen
  • Cup

  • program craft Cup events (PDF)

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Analysis of the results of artisans Cup 2015

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