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The pots holding bonsai in the garden of Shinji Suzuki often so interesting were like trees. We have learned the history of some of these containers -. Others we see in our own

A glazed pot looked like it had been for a while. There were chips, cracks, mineral deposits and other signs of wear. There was also patina.

Not everyone appreciates pots showing their age, but I would like to see signs that a pot has had a life.

glazed pot old

With cracks

and discoloration

and fries

Annual Bonsai Garden at lake Merritt Mammoth Sale

in other news, this weekend is one of the best opportunity in northern California to shop for items related to bonsai–. Annual Bonsai Garden at Lake Merritt Mammoth Sale

Saturday has an auction -. preview at noon, auction 13:00 You can find the catalog here

Domingo has plant sales, sales of suppliers, a demonstration by Kathy Shaner from 12-3, in a shop window and club. Please note -. If you are interested in selling plants, come early as avid fans start queuing early

I’ll be in the area of ​​sellers with tools, pots and pumice, among other things – come and say hello


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