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Air layers of a Japanese maple ago

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Almost a year the day I wrote about a Japanese maple that had taken which was ripe for several long-term projects (see Restore an old Japanese maple). I started in the first, a layer of air, this past weekend in a BIB workshop.

Japanese maple

Japanese maple

would I layers tree last year, but had only replanted and I wanted the tree to be strong before starting a layer. Now quite healthy, the tree is ready for layering.

Section to be layerd

Section superimpose air

The first step is to select a location for the new roots and removing a ring of bark just below that point .

Bark removed

bark removed

Why I chose the narrow section of the trunk between two bumps that have left me with a bigger nebari? Short answer – this is actually the first of the two layers. Once the top of the tree is removed, I have the intention of turning it on its side and layer a second time to make a solid style bonsai. For now, I just need enough roots to allow me to separate the tree from the bottom of the trunk. That’s the plan for now anyway.

After removal of the bark, which applies a small amount of rooting hormone to the upper ring of the exposed crust, wrapped in wet moss peeled white area, and the whole is covered with plastic.

All wrapped up

All wrapped up – complete layer

Layer complete and some cutback

After preparing the clipping layer and minor

I next I turned my attention to a significant scar at the base of the trunk.

Large scar

large scar

Somehow the wound is actually the closure of all sides as the roots below the scar are still alive. This gives me hope that the scar could one day soon. To expedite the process, I opened the edges of the scar and the entire area was covered with cutpaste.

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wounding the perimeter of the scar

Re-opening of the wound

Lining the scar with cutpaste

Cover the open wound with cutpaste

Scar covered with cutpaste

covering the rest of the scar with cutpaste

probably realized that the “cutpaste” is more like chocolate pudding cutpaste the typical bonsai. Used “joint putty,” a Japanese product whose intended use not fully understand. Junichiro Tanaka has been the use of the compound for some time in bonsai and has seen great results, so I bought a tube and have been using it in all my trees.

Cut paste

Joint Putty-A (also known as ジ ョ イ ン ト コ ー ク • A)

A few seats away from me, Carol was discovering some scars that have been treated for one and two years. In the picture below, the top scar gouged last year. The smaller scar was treated two years ago and is now almost completely healed over.

Scars healing on a trident maple

Scars trident maple

Scar healing on a trident maple

After removing the cutpaste in less scarring

I do not expect the huge scar on the Japanese maple to heal so quickly. Even if I planted the tree in the ground, still one would expect at least 3 years to pass before it closed completely. As the tree still needs a lot of work, I’m in no hurry.

Satsuki azalea

Satsuki Azalea Jeff

I could not resist posting a photo of Azalea above. Jeff left in the shop so we could enjoy the flowers – I hope you enjoy them too. And thanks again for reading. Somehow this is my 300th post If it were not for the number of readers and helpful comments, I would have left long ago. Here’s to the next 300!

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Air layers of a Japanese maple ago

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