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A visit to brendenstudio

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In 2002, I visited the Bonsai Society of Dallas Convention with Masahiko Kimura. display event includes a composition having much more attention than the others. Thirteen years later, I saw the same composition in the garden of his creator.


Shimpaku planted in support of the blade cinder block

The artist is Greg Brenden. You may know Greg from his site, brendenstudio. Greg is a lifelong artist with many years of experience in bonsai and unmatched ability for creative compositions.

Shovel planting

procumbens planted shovel


I can not say whether it is the shovels were used to dig these trees – that would be something – but I can say reflecting Greg’s ability to see beyond the expected things and see them as objects that can be put to use any variety of uses.

Looking beyond the containers for a moment, Greg is a serious student with some stunning bonsai trees in your collection. Take, for example, the white pine Southwestern showing at the National Bonsai Exhibition 2010 in Rochester, New York.

Southwestern white pine

southwestern white pine


impressive deadwood


bigger, natural, deadwood

Today the tree is in a large pot by Ron Lang. That was not always the case – “. New accommodation for an old pine tree” for more information on the tree and trials were experienced on the way to the National Bonsai Exhibition, see post from Greg



Examining the trees in the garden was especially fun because what at first seemed like normal objects quickly revealed themselves as something completely different. By making the picture below, something on the container he caught my attention.

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Spruce Forest

was planted in a cement counter top, one of several in the garden.

Meter cover

counter top

Meter cover planting

handstand on the set top cement

A plant accent was presented in a light fixture of an old car.

Light fixture

seed fern


Shimpaku in concrete slab

Not all containers Greg, however, the convention broke. In fact, I realized that many of oven Michael Hagedorn, an old friend of Greg.

Hagedorn pot

oval pot Michael Hagedorn

Hagedorn pot

Round Pot by Michael Hagedorn

Hagedorn pot

round by Michael Hagedorn pot resting on the metal cover meter

Greg eye as good bonsai materials was evident throughout the garden. Both mature trees, and the collected material newest caught my attention.


Common juniper – super trunk

Rocky Mountain juniper

Juniper Rocky Mountain

Atlas cedar

Atlas cedar

Maple grove

forest Japanese maple

Japanese maple

shohin Japanese maple


Beautiful moss



Coast redwood

secuoya red

If you have not already done so, you take a look brendenstudio – worth a visit


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A visit to brendenstudio

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