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A reworked Shore Pine –

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This pine has been a nice project for some years. Shore pine is one of our native conifers Northwest USA, which tends to grow, not far from the coast.

Last year we had a terrible hailstorm in June in my small neighborhood (the rest of the city was intact), which was reduced from 1/2 “hail in my yard and stripped all recent growth needles many pine trees. the tree grew back shoots, but as expected did not open and grow new needles (like a black pine would). This spring, pine swept growth normally, after been supported for two years with the same old needles.

therefore, a sigh of relief that this tree has regained its momentum. And yesterday Rewired it. that’s really what I wanted to offer here … photos reprocessing … not hail storm history …


My apprentice Bobby Curttright wire setting on the edge of pine. This image gives an idea of ​​the scale of tree for the next 15 photos …


Our front, after returning to work. We shot a lot of details Tree ‘in the round’, from many sides, to get an idea of ​​the whole experience of the tree rather than a front. It is a very interesting branching tree, which is the main attraction of the tree. The trunk is actually quite simple.


Move right … anticlockwise around the tree for the next four photos.




Side view … with long branch lap. This design option was to have a very dynamic depth back forehead in photos unfortunately is quite poor and not communicating … sigh. I promise that this is an interesting tree. Take my word for it?

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This and the following photos are shots branch detail.




branch of the crown, which supplies all outbreaks of the top of the tree, wired with that of a compact folding years ago.





And our front again. Note cones fro around the tree, which tend to leave them as they add a unique feeling of a pine tree. Come and visit … it is thus definitely better in person …

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A reworked Shore Pine –

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