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A reduction technique-decandling

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Last January, I attended a workshop led by Daisaku Nomoto. When I was about to start plucking a young pine needles, Nomoto recommended I leave some of the oldest needles in place. I asked why, and suggested the following technique.

Many branches of young pine then have grown vigorously. Even after the tree decandling last spring, summer outbreaks grew too long for me to be incorporated into the final design. He needed a way to replace these vigorous shoots with a more refined growth.

Before decandling

19-year-old black pine

Long branches

long branches

Instead of removing growth spring according to standard techniques decandling, removed growth last year as well.

Branches removed

long shoots removed

This is where the old needles come into play. Sophomore needles sap flowing to the branch where I want new shoots appear will be maintained.


Second year needles place

Here’s a closer look at the branches removed. The green section developed this spring – the brown section developed last summer

Double decandling

12 months of a new growth

Single and double cuts

spring buds separate growth last summer

removes me as many long branches as possible, and decandled the rest. This resulted in a much smaller profile.

After decandling

After cut-decandling

I’m curious to see how he responds the tree – and I’ll be sure to share the results


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A reduction technique-decandling

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