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A Japanese maple forest

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After feeding a handful of young Japanese maples back to health, decided to plant them all in the same boat to create a small plantation of trees. I started by selecting a shallow pot and adding a lot of cables.

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The boat from below

Lots of wires

using a lot of cables is useful for creating gardens as the standard approach four threads rare once is enough to hold all the trees in place. Once the boat was connected, I worked at the roots.

After untangle the roots of the first two trees

All nine trees ready to go

once the pot and the trees are ready for the hard part – adding a tree or two at a time and wiring down while making small adjustments in the set. Fast forward a bit, here it is the result.

Plantar complete

After trimming

will arrange the logs a little and continue perfecting group throughout the growing season.

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A Japanese maple forest

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