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A few months Photos –

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Occasionally it’s good just to move inventory through the photos to see what, if anything, they’ve been doing the last months. This is not so much a photo essay as a random mix of bonsai works ” in the study, about the study, and the study also far … Enjoy!

(This is also a warm-up for the New Year ‘Bloopers 2016 …)


Earlier this year, a Ponderosa- transplantation


A small pine in LA- Black


A Chojubai in their new home-


View to a river near where I live, exploring a historic garden I like to take students from season to study trees-age


the ( posterior) part of a juniper on their way to the home of a client here in Portland-


Garza flores-


Part garden- moss


maple leaves in the morning


night photo to rear door


Granada client on the way to the Cup-

craftsmen DSC_0849

Juniper class style a season


Gary wood processing about 15 of us to a shrimp boil


Andrew Robson playing the garden-


One of the tours during the Cup, never had so many in the yard at once!


A working day



Juniper discovered he had borer damage, and the answer to the mystery of “weak Juniper ‘…

of añoárbol IMG_3657

Spectacular 168-year-old cherry in Eugene, Oregon-


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A few months Photos –

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