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A bunjin ponderosa pine to create a new image –

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Here is a photo essay of a Ponderosa pine style we did last month with a few students-season


pine after cleaning some dead wood, but before doing anything else. The next three pictures are each turned another 90 degrees.




This was our favorite front. Avoid long and slow corners, comes the trunk to the front near the top and the line was the most un-S-curve-like one we could find.


Tom and Steve clearing dead wood, which had some dead bark attached.


Chris clean the trunk. It took a good six hours to prepare this tree, but only an hour to actually wire it.


Bobby got in on the too-

action DSC_0977

fully wired tree in our front chosen before the branches. We kept spraying lime sulfur areas slightly to release the sulfur yellow.


After the configuration branch, 33 “/ 84 cm. Most of the sulfur was gone by the end of the day. We will replant this tree in spring. we enjoyed the vein live from this front, and torsion old shari, which was caused by borers many years in the mountains. we could still see the galleries where they had munched through the phloem, killing areas of living tissue spiral. sometimes they get a little naughty up there in the mountains and kill the entire tree. Deadwood may be caused by a number of factors, but a piercing is one of the most common.
Let’s put a photo until next year at some point to show the development of this guy! Greetings!


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A bunjin ponderosa pine to create a new image –

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