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A beautiful garden in winter

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Just one day after landing in Tokyo a few weeks ago, five of us took a train to Obuse, Nagano Prefecture, at my bonsai garden Favourite.

garden courtyard

The garden is beautiful in winter. Snow came late this year, but enough fell before our visit that the grounds were covered in white when we arrived.

Stone path through the snow

Water source and sink

walked through a courtyard and around a corner before entering the main building. They greeted with a tokonoma display good taste.

screen Tokonoma

Shimpaku displacement

Who was our host for the day? I have a clue here.

shelf magnetic tools

Tyler Sherrod, five years after his apprenticeship with Shinji Suzuki, is the apprentice senior in the garden of Suzuki. He was our gracious host for the day.

Tyler Sherrod

Or should I say hosts -. On the day of our visit, senpai Tyler or greater was visiting from Oregon

Matt Reel

Matt reel, a graduate of garden Suzuki, overlapped with Tyler in Tyler start learning five years ago. He had taken several weeks of work in the garden of Suzuki with another resident of Portland, current apprentice Michael Hagedorn, Bobby Curttright.

Bobby Curttright

With three American guidelines, we made ourselves at home and drank tea and enjoyed catching up with friends abroad. And then someone mentioned the trees. The cups were cleaned quickly and headed to the garden.

A peak in bonsai

Tune in to watch closely next week.

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A beautiful garden in winter

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