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35th Annual Exhibition of BABA

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weekend Bonsai Bay Associates held their annual exhibition number 35 in the Center Garden Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. Due to a slightly different cast of exhibitors this year, more trees than normal made their debut Baba, and some of the trees we had seen previously looking better than ever. Two examples are beautiful junipers Shimpaku exhibited by Jim Gremel of Deer Meadow Bonsai.

Cascade Shimpaku


Deadwood bonsai, known by junipers Sierra collected, showed the Sierra then grafted Shimpaku with foliage.

Sierra juniper

The basic configuration consists of exhibitions BABA screens table in the middle of the room with rows of trees against the walls. These are some of the screens.

Hinoki and trident maple

sowing Accent

Korean hornbeam and Shimpaku

Very nice Shimpaku – and a small pot of such

juniper California by Seiji Shiba, featured in the opening of the artisans Cup in Portland, Oregon

Mame bonsai

Ikebana Tim Kong’s exhibition

Yes, I saw that right.

smiling pet Chia with frog

Shimpaku with the figure

procumbens juniper

a closer look at the stone display look

the exhibition was shohin bonsai, including the screen below.

screen shohin

David De Groot makes the show Saturday night, and BABA members made sure we had plenty of food for everyone, making for a fun night bonsai.


Japanese maple

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35th Annual Exhibition of BABA

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