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2013 Virtual Tour of Crataegus Bonsai

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been a year since sharing photos of my yard. The moss garden, which certainly makes a pause in the full sun here in Portland, Oregon, USA, is taking off again now with the rains votes. It has a bald spot in the middle where it originally had a good harvest of Kinnikinnick growth, but turned out to be a haven for weeds. So now the moss is colonizing the area.

Otherwise, there is only one thing that flourishes in the bank accent at this time of year, birdsfoot violet. And fall color is starting to appear in deciduous trees. Enjoy!


Study primer on the panel … thinking of a dark brown to those areas so it moves away. I think the white is too zingy. If? Do not? moss garden in front with garter less in the middle. A work in progress …


From left to right: mountain hemlock, pine Shore, mountain hemlock. Heaps. Concrete block. … Sword fern gravel to the bottom left.


Juniper with temporary support angle incredibly useful built by Troy Cardoza. younger conifers left formation.


More banks conifers.


accent plant this autumn corner.


Japanese maple in the background has been in full sun all year and is beginning to think the fall.


A mass of Japanese maples with an air floating off of the left half. This area will be a number of banks in terraces for next year.


freshly picked residents greenhouse .: Cuttings and trees


The lone plant flowers accent, birdsfoot violet, courtesy Greg Brenden. pretty little thing, right? Threadlike leaves are as lovely as flowers.

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2013 Virtual Tour of Crataegus Bonsai

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