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20 Jan, These unique Bonsai get your attention!

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Some of these unique bonsai can be called strange, odd or unacceptable impartradicionalmente. Others are noticeable enough to conseguirsu attention.

Some are exquisite bonsai in unusual pots. Some bonsai can not be considered “real” at all.

Jonas Dupuich, in one of his blogs said: “ omoshiroi is a Japanese word meaning” funny “or” interesting “can be used to express respect – .. O mockery. “

trees and some of the pots on this page may or may not be considered traditional standards of Japanese bonsai I think you will agree, they are all” omoshiroi! ”

“Go fly a kite”

When I selected this photo to the page “unique”, which sent the artist Phil Kreig a note, asking him about his display at the convention Bonsai Societies of Florida.

“It’s a Brazilian Raintree and obviously in the style of Wind Swept I call” Charlie “after our hurricanes here in 2014.

“I’ve been thinking about the beauty of Bonsai, emotions that can generate and how to communicate it to those who admire, but do not understand. . . each tree should tell a story of his life. . . when the time came to appear. . . I thought I would have a good time and be like obvious as possible to display a windy day and windswept tree collapsed in a storm.

“I doubt that I would do this at the National Exhibition in Rochester .”

– Phil Krieg

crazy Bonsai?

unique bonsai, Nick Lenz bonsai

Nick Lenz calls himself a “crazy old hermit.” He can be somewhat of a hermit, but certainly not crazy!

Nick is often recognized ( and sometimes criticized ) for his eccentric style and use of foreign elements with your bonsai (such as small statues, elves and more.) however, there is no doubt his artistic ability.

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See Nick gallery in the art of Bonsai site , which includes some of his more traditionally wrought trees.

unique Bonsai Pot

Several years ago, I was speaking in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and was asked to make a Followed ride . When I came to this tree, I paused.

It was a unique bonsai pot. The tree was in the early stages of design, however, the overall arrangement was surprising.

made me think, certainly not traditional.

Although some people objected, the composition of Ron Lang got a thumbs up from me.

a temporary home

Noelanders 2014 Tony Tickle

“calligraphy” I got a lot of attention ( and controversy ) in the European Trophy Noelanders 2014.

(One of my personal favorites.)

if wonders how this unique bonsai lives in this “container”

is not so.

is grown in a more traditional container, Tony Tickle placed in this provision only for exhibitions.

A Creative Resolution

pine bonsai - Colin Lewis

How many times have you had a bonsai that simply do not fit into any of your bonsai pots?

This pine bonsai creation is the respected artist and author Colin Lewis.


unique bonsai, root bonsai, chinese bonsai

This root-to-wall bonsai was represented in China.

You may ask “Where did that idea?”

When I saw it, I immediately remembered my many years in South Florida!

In tropical and subtropical areas of the world, Ficus are common in the landscape, and its roots are prolific.

Some are spread by birds of viable seeds. Others are invasive because they have been ignored.

unique bonsai, roots on wall

The roots grow in the stone wall shown here (right) are in South Florida.

It is not uncommon to find roots in the old walls, fences and even houses … especially in the old quarters of tropical climates.

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Certainly a scene like this was the inspiration for this presentation of the root-on-wall.

unique Bonsai plants

Jukka “Fatalii” Kilpinen, Finland, is an expert in the world of chile.

Fatalii has gone one step beyond grocery, created the bonsai pepper. Calls “bonchi.” Be sure to see its explanatory section.

Note that these unique bonsai peppers have very nice nebari !

Bonchi-purple-flowers Chibon-yellow-pepper Chibon-purple-flower
These peppers several fabulous colors make striking bonchi. this is more looking bonchi with yellow peppers. bonchi flowers are as colorful as the peppers.

Figures and Bonsai?

hon non bo by Lam Ngoc Vinh

Very rarely seen in traditional Japanese bonsai, the figures are often used in other countries

including the Vietnamese art of ‘hon non bo. “

Artist Lam Ngoc Vinh was featured in the” art of bonsai. “

a bonsai artist well in the traditional sense …

Lam Ngoc Vinh also has a creative bent towards the use of figurines in a more unique way.

in the wild side

This ‘bonsai on a stick bike broom’ strange photo was taken by Rintaro Miyazato, Japan. Artist unknown.


This unique penjing is China.

Although it looks very natural, two floors have been grafted together to form esta’Balsa-bridge. ‘ The artist saw something few people would have imagined.

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20 Jan, These unique Bonsai get your attention!

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