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2 June beneficial insects to Bonsai

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Beneficial insects are classified in two ways – predators and parasites. Can you tell the difference between them and the bad bugs?

Predators feed the entire series.
can feed on the pest and / or lay eggs producing larvae that feed on the host.

Some of the most common beneficial insects include:

Lady Beetles , also known as ladybirds , ladybugs and lady Bugs are among the easiest to recognize and one of the most valuable.

beneficial insects, lady beetle larvae, good bugs Photo of Mike Kling

Do you kill this insect?

I hope not, that is not a plant pest.
it is the larval stage of a lady beetle.

There are over 100 species of the family Coccinellidae (Lady Beetle). Most are red, some are orange. Some have two points, some seven or more, depending on the species.

beneficial insects, mature lady bettle, lady bug

Adults and larvae, immature scale devour aphids, scale insects, mites and insect eggs and some softer.

to about 500 aphids can be eaten during the larval stage of an insect lady and the adult insect is even more voracious!

Once purchased Lady Beetles for our 5-acre nursery and be amazed that “ do not fly away home ” remained. ( guess I had a lot of them to eat. )

murderer insects are generally black or brown. However, many also have bright color marks. They are 1/2 to 1 inch in length.

beneficial insects, assassin bugs Pictures of Mike Kling beneficial insects, mature assassin bug,

Nymphs (shown above, left) are as effective in controlling pests such as adult.

The bad news is that bite and can be painful. Try not to handle them. Risa Greenberg told me that they are “more painful than a bee sting.”

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This mature murderer is also called the “ wheel error ‘for obvious reasons.

lacewing are greenish brown or common beneficial insects (about 3/4 inch long), with transparent wings. adults may be abusive or feed on pollen.

larvae are often called ” lions “of aphids and feed on aphids, other small insects and eggs.

parasitic wasps are extremely important. These wasps are very small , most less than 1/8 inch long.

Some larvae feed and pupate within the host. Many harmful, such as aphids, whiteflies, scales, and insect leafminer caterpillars are parasitized by these wasps.

Other larvae of parasites live on the outside of its host where numerous small white blossoms that hold the body of the host are built.

may have seen and been asked if they were eggs of some sort.

beneficial insects, syrphid fly,hover fly file – Mike Kling

Syrphid Flies often are called “they hover flies.”


Over 1,000 species and vary in size and color.

Most do float and other buzz.

Most of them are yellow with bands of brown or black color, and resemble wasps and bees, but do not bite . Their larvae Aphids love.

, plus beneficial Insects

The above list represents some of the best known beneficial insects. In addition to beneficial insects, there are other good bugs!

beneficial insects, good snail, snail picture

This particular snail, found my bonsai Ficus and enjoyed cleaning the tree and pot for months.

In South Florida native tree snails ( Liguus fasciatus ) are generally cone-shaped, 1/2 to 1 1 / 2 inches long.

Its brands vary from one shell to another (almost like fingerprints.)

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they are commonly found in Florida native hammocks.

A full of native trees (and bonsai) yard will attract them too.

is common to find references to Florida in my writing since I spent most of my ‘bonsai life’ in Miami, Florida.

beneficial insects, giant African snail, bad snail

P.S. There are also many who are snails is not good and chew everything in sight! Be sure to read pest snails as you page.

Remember, there more good than bad insects.

While you’re busy with your bonsai care every day, do not be too quick to kill insects, snails or snakes … unless you know whether or not they are pests or beneficial insects plant.

Discover many beneficial insects where he lives!

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2 June beneficial insects to Bonsai

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