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15 Jan, Bonsai Tools for every purpose

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Bonsai tools ingenuity created h shapes, sizes and sharpness to do specific jobs and make them as well. Hundreds of different designs and sizes are available.

These instruments are available individually and in sets.

before buy

understand that there are many different degrees of these implements.

The less expensive equipment is often very poor quality. They may break and / or lose its edge quickly. If it seems too cheap, it’s probably for good reason.

If you are buying online, remember the postage! Group of small objects.

What to buy

If you just started Go easy. Initially, it takes very few.

basic bonsai tools

Do not be tempted by the exotic selection available. Over time, you will know which ones are important for your particular needs.

consider buying two quality bonsai tools. Most fans start with the two most important, read more about each in his separate page: M

Most fans start with the most important two or a small group, read more about each one by clicking here:

a pair of sharp scissors and cutter concave branches

Bonsai Rakes – Although many roots can be raked to cut and remove dirt, demáspuede be necessary “slices” with a saw or a sharp knife. Used judiciously, the bonsai rake is valuable.

should have one in your toolbox, but I know it’s not perfect for every situation root pruning.

Jin pliers – .. It is used to tighten bark create jins also valuable in torsion and removing wire

Bonsai Tweezers – A tool convenience. They are often used to pluck needles and many swear by them to eliminate weeds.

Bonsai turntable – Is it necessary? Perhaps it not, however, is highly recommended. As for your tree – small or large – is the best way to study your subject

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is that already begins with an old lazy susan or buy a “real” bonsai turntable … get one.!

To a turntable inexpensive idea to Tips Bonsai

Tool Sharpener – In addition to keeping tools clean, keep them sharp.

The “orange handle Sharpener” is a quick and easy sharpening. No bigger than a pencil, you can go in any type of wrapping or toolbox.

This is the answer for anyone who has fear of sharpening tools. I love it.

fit and feel of Bonsai Tools

Whenever possible, buy in person. This way you can see if the tool fits your hand. You can also see and feel how they open and close.

(At least, buying from a seller “satisfaction guaranteed”.)

Article a specialty

A ‘Bonsai’ Pressure Washer – This spray of water with adjustable pressure force is perfect for cleaning bark and driftwood. If you are a collector Yamadori, you need one.

Blaster gun cleaning point -1650 PSI

Bonsai artist Mike Rogers in Central Florida uses one and said: “ to avoid tearing the bark off, it is important to test and adjust the pressure force before using it in your bonsai ! ” Try it in an old or something similar record.

If you ever have spent hours with vinegar or soapy water and a brush to clean dientestratar dead wood or bark of your bonsai, you’ll love this spray!

If you are a beginner, you may not have the need for this tool. As your collection grows, that will be very valuable!

The last “tool” on this page is one of my favorites – –

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Cloth Magic

Where to go from here

in addition to the tools, there are many bonsai to explore supplies.

Tools Leave Bonsai Bonsai and see Supplies


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15 Jan, Bonsai Tools for every purpose

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