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10 tips for beginners on how to grow a bonsai

Here is a video (the subtitle is right below) about 10 Tips for Beginners Tips on How to grow a bonsai.

“Tip number 1.

Do not water your bonsai too.
Beginners tend to water your bonsai every day, when in fact only a bonsai should be watered when needed.
Check with your finger to feel the ground, if below the top is dry, it is time to water. ”

“Tip number 2.

Most bonsai are not houseplants. Unless you buy a plant specifically for interior, is necessary to keep out 95% of the time and not put in more than a day. ”

“Tip number 3.

Although bonsai can grow in ordinary soil, fast-draining substrates should preferably be used.
Drainage of the substrate is a factor to be taken into account to grow a bonsai. ”

“Tip number 4.

The bonsai trees are real, which means that many of them need to be in the cold during the winter dormant state. Read up on your type of bonsai to see if this is the case.
If you miss this important step, the tree can easily die. ”

“Tip No. 5.

Most years you’ll have to prune the roots of your bonsai. This is a complicated procedure you should learn a lot before starting the process.

“Tip number 6.

No need to buy an expensive specialist bonsai nursery or a mistreated in supermarkets.
You can start with a small tree, healthy, and a juniper, buying it in your nearest gardening. ”

“Tip number 7.

Did you know that you can convert almost any plant into a bonsai? Everything that grows on a woody stem can be bonsai, not just the trees. ”

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“Tip number 8.

When pruning the tree, save some of the cuttings (in the link have more info on what is a cutting) to propagate new plants.
Just make a few notches on the side where we have made the cut, dip the bottom of the plant 2.5 cm on the ground. In 3-4 weeks you will have a new rooted plant. ”

“Tip No. 9.

Choose a pot that looks good with your style of bonsai. The cascade type are well potted rectangular high while the broom style looks good with round or oval pots. ”

“Tip number 10.

Read as much information as possible, and even join a group of bonsai growers in your area. You will learn more from blogs, e-books, books, and groups by trial and error. ”

We hope you have been helpful these tips are very clear and you should consider them. They will help you learn how to grow a bonsai properly.

Remember to keep visiting for more tips and tricks on how to grow a bonsai.

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10 tips for beginners on how to grow a bonsai

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